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La Fageda cooperative is founded by Cristóbal Colón. At the beginning, its activity is based on work commissioned by other companies while it is located in a room in the Convent of Carme d’Olot given over by the town hall. The project starts with about fifteen people, most of them from the psychiatric hospital in Salt.


The Gardening section is created, the oldest section in La Fageda. Initially, this section is formed by a team of ten people who carry out maintenance tasks on public and private spaces in La Garrotxa: pruning of trees, clearing, maintenance of gardens and green areas, assembly of sprinkler systems, etc.


The cooperative acquires the Els Casals estate with the help of the Girona Provincial Council and a bank loan. The workers settle there in 1987, when the forest nursery begins, which in a few years reaches an annual production of 3 million plants.


La Fageda enters the register of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Special Work Centre. The first residence for people with disabilities is created in Olot. Soon after, the Occupational Therapy Service starts.


At the Els Casals farm, the cooperative has 100 cows and is producing 600,000 litres of milk per year, which is sold to Nestlé.


La Fageda starts the production and sale of yogurts. It initially produces about 50,000 units a week. The first order is destined for the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. The first shop that sells them is Màxim d’Olot.


The Foundation of Care Services of La Garrotxa is created, which will be the owner of housing and occupational services.
In the business field, the range of dairy products is expanded and a new brand image is released: a cow is incorporated into our logo, along with the blue towels that characterize us and the concept of farm yogurt.


We begin to receive visits to La Fageda.

The Visitor Service starts, although it is initially called La Fageda Tours. At the same time, we open a new milking hall and start to produce 10 million yogurts a year.


The La Fageda Foundation is born, the owner of the properties and the La Fageda brand. To this day, the foundation carries the name La Fageda Foundation.


The El Caliu residence opens, a new accommodation complex for people with disabilities located in the centre of Olot. This home offers continuous care every day of the year.

2007, La Fageda celebrates its 25th anniversary!

The Community Integration Service is created for the employment of people in ordinary companies, which today is called the Employment Integration Service.
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, RBA publishes the book History of Folly, where the author Dolors Gonzalez recounts the origin, trajectory and philosophy of La Fageda.


The El Cassés home-residence is inaugurated, located in the neighbourhood of Plan de Dalt in Olot.


We begin the production and sale of La Fageda ice cream in a warehouse in Badalona which we later transfer to our Santa Pau estate.


We begin to produce and market La Fageda jams, traditionally made in our workshops. In the social field, we move forward with the first Mirall project, aimed at young people in vulnerable situations.


As a result of the approval of the Special Urban Plan for the property, work begins to improve and expand all facilities and equipment.


We achieve a production of 60 million La Fageda yogurts per year. We also launch new facilities for the Visitor Service.


The new factories for dairy products, ice cream and jams come into operation.


La Fageda 2020 is undertaken, a co-creation process in which all the people in the organization participate with the aim of defining La Fageda for the future. That same year, the La Fageda Pantry started, which makes products from the factory and the vegetable garden available to workers and consumer members of the cooperative.


We expand our services to new groups. Thanks to the new integration company “El Faig de La Fageda”, we provide social and labour coverage to people from La Garrotxa in a vulnerable situation. The Pre-Employment Service is also created.


The year with the most product innovations.


We start the first phase of the Noima school of new opportunities.

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