Our philosophy

Our mission

We work to improve the quality of life, and promote the social integration, of people with intellectual disabilities and/or severe mental disorders as well as other groups in vulnerable situations in La Garrotxa. We do this through business activities that generate meaningful jobs, and healthcare services managed under criteria of quality and excellence, which create value for both the organization and the rest of society.

Our vision

We want to be a solid social and business project that is a model of inspiration for creating value in society.

“The meaning of work is work with meaning”

Cristóbal Colón

Our values

A focus on people

The purpose of our project is to support and improve the quality of life of people.


Our aim is to be consistent with regards to thought, beliefs and actions.


We are confident that it is possible to find the right job for each person, and that from this position the person will grow and contribute their best. It is essential that all the people in the project feel that they are recognized and accepted in their entirety.


We have the clear aim of responding to the fulfilment of a task, both in relation to the person within the project, and the project itself within society.


We value the enthusiasm that a person experiences in accomplishing something that fulfils them.
We believe that if the organization is capable of generating enthusiasm in people, then this gives rise to motivation.


We believe that effort is the only way to generate the energy needed to move forward.


The characteristics of our products and services are the result of applying strict quality criteria throughout our management. We guarantee the safety of our products for the health of our consumers.

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