We’ve gone back to basics to recover the most intense flavours of traditional jams. With 100% natural ingredients such as cane sugar and lemon juice, our jams incorporate between 52% and 63% of fruit selected according to variety and origin, so extra fruit means extraordinary taste! In addition, we prepare them without preservatives or colouring. Try them out and enjoy their smooth consistent texture with pieces of whole fruit. Our secret? Good fruit cooked slowly.

Ripe pan-cooked fruit
Our jams appear simple but are very authentic, since we make them entirely by hand by pan-cooking the ripe fruit. Yes, you read that right, pan-cooking! Once chopped or crushed, the fruit is cooked over a very low heat so that it will continue to simmer until it reaches its optimum point, under our continuous supervision.
Extra-quality jams ideal for breakfast
Our jams are ideal for breakfast, and you can eat them in so many different ways! With toast, on top of crepes or pancakes, giving a touch of flavour to gingerbread or any other cake, or even combined with our yogurts.

Why a jar with a transparent label?

When we started producing jams we were clear that the fruit had to take a leading role; the highest quality fruit that we select ourselves at origin. For this reason, we decided to use glass packaging and a transparent label to show you the contents. There is nothing more appetizing than seeing this handmade jam in all its glory!

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