The people who make up La Fageda

Today, La Fageda is a team of more than 450 people. Of these, more than 350 are salaried and half of these are in a vulnerable situation. Another eighty people are not salaried, but users of various occupational or pre-employment services.

The policy we follow for the management and development of people is aligned with the set of values, beliefs and essential elements of our project. Starting from the belief that people have various dimensions, and that work or professional life is only one of them, we work to understand and support people from a global perspective.

When incorporating a person in our project, the first thing we do is to start an immersion process aimed at getting to know the foundations and culture of La Fageda in order to generate commitment, unify work and create bonds of collaboration that transcend the self, and which end up giving a very great sense to the work.

To be part of La Fageda is to be part of a project with a common goal: to contribute to making the lives of many people grow with sense and well-being

The services available to La Fageda personnel

La Fageda makes a wide range of services and activities available to the people who are part of the organization, which are aimed at promoting their personal and professional growth, their well-being, and reconciliation of family members.
The kitchen-dining hall service, an in-house store that sells both La Fageda products and organic vegetables that we have on the farm, and a camp for children of working people that is organized during school holidays and which is partly self-financed, are some of the services available to the La Fageda community. For people in vulnerable situations, the service network also covers transport to the property, access to housing, leisure activities and other activities aimed at improving their health.

Preparation of dairy products

Our yogurt, dessert and ice cream processing plant employs about 120 people and operates from Monday to Friday, in morning shifts, afternoon shifts or split shifts. The tasks they carry out begin the moment the milk arrives at the plant and end with the dispatch of the products. Technicians are responsible for fine-tuning and monitoring all processes, such as pasteurization, fermentation or packaging.

The jam factory

Twenty people work at the jam factory, active from Monday to Friday. Under the coordination and supervision of a food technologist, they take care of all the tasks of preparing the fruit, such as cleaning and cutting it to prepare it for cooking. The cooking process also requires constant control. Once the jam is cooked, they pack it.

The farm

The farm at La Fageda employs a dozen people, who take care of jobs related to the care and welfare of the cows, their feeding, the cleaning of their living quarters, grazing, milking and the maintenance of facilities, among others. The farm operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this reason, the workforce works in rotating shifts.


This section, which employs more than thirty people, consists of several teams with a manager for each one. They work from Monday to Friday intensively in morning hours and are based in a warehouse in the Sant Roc d'Olot neighbourhood.

The gardening section work both in Olot and in other municipalities of La Garrotxa. They are in charge of tasks such as tree pruning, clearing and cleaning, the creation of gardens and floral ornaments, plantations and forest work, among others.

Central services

La Fageda's central services operate from the Els Casals estate and bring together all the management teams that are essential for carrying out and complementing business and social work activities. These include the areas of people management and development, finance, sales and marketing, quality and innovation, ICT and communication.

Social area

A team composed of professionals from disciplines such as psychology, pedagogy, social education or social work, among others, deals with meeting the different needs of people in vulnerable circumstances by supporting them in the field of work, in the development of daily life, in their leisure, etc. The needs of these people cover issues related to housing, training, the organization of their leisure, or highly specialized care. For this reason, the area works with a global perspective and a very transversal vision.

Visitor Service

The Visitor Service is made up of a team that is responsible for managing visits to our facilities. They look after visitors from the time of booking until the end of the visit to the property. They cater to all those people, families, educational centres, companies and entities that want to get to know us. They also take care of the shop and bar service that the team runs.

Auxiliary services: maintenance, kitchen-dining room, cleaning

The correct operation of all facilities and equipment and the optimal quality of La Fageda's products and services is possible thanks to the essential work of the auxiliary and complementary services teams. These are services for maintenance, kitchen-dining hall and cleaning.

A dozen technicians, including mechanical and electrical engineers, make up the professionals in the maintenance team, who from the start of the day ensure the proper functioning of all industrial machinery, the biomass boiler, the water treatment plant, etc. They work shifts in the morning, afternoon and also at night.

The kitchen-dining hall service, where about a dozen people work, prepares lunch for a hundred people each working day, as well as breakfast for the farmers and other professionals who arrive very early to work, or special meals that take place throughout the year on designated dates. The dining room is a key space for the La Fageda project due to the role it plays in the relationships between the people in the organization.

The cleaning team is responsible for taking care of the cleaning of the various spaces of the property.

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