La Fageda’s commitment to sustainability goes back to its very origin. Our project was born with the clear aim of contributing to a more sustainable society. We have developed this commitment over the years, both in the social area and in the economic and environmental areas. We have done this with actions that translate into direct and measurable impacts. For more than ten years, we have publicly issued our Sustainability Report. You can always consult the relevant data from the last two financial years on this website.

The current challenges that we face in the field of sustainability are being addressed from all areas of our project, some of them while operating in networks and in close alliances with other entities and stakeholders.

The main lines that guide our sustainability policy include:
  • Encouraging the development of all the people in the project
  • Responding to the emerging social needs of our territory
  • Bringing value to society with good products and good services
  • Taking care of our environment and making responsible use of natural resources, energy and raw materials
  • Keeping abreast of innovations that we can implement for continuous improvement

And because we have a strong internalized desire and clear aim for our project to be enduring, we often go well beyond rules, codes and legislation in the application of our social responsibility policies. Focusing on the vital development of disadvantaged groups strengthens cohesion, equal opportunities and ultimately social justice, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

What do we do to help social and economic sustainability?

Social-economic sustainability is at the heart of our project, which we define as a social business.

Broadly speaking:

  • We promote employment, training and support of vulnerable groups in order to improve their quality of life and social integration.
  • Our status as a non-profit social business project means that we reinvest all the profit into the project to ensure it endures.
  • All the people in our project can benefit from purchasing our products at special prices.
  • We promote work–life balance by adapting work schedules and providing leisure services and education in values to children of the people in the project who are between 3 and 16 years of age through El Casal and the Les Llavors work camp.
  • We contribute food products to entities fighting against poverty.
  • We organize training days related to social entrepreneurship.
What do we do to help environmental sustainability?

La Fageda develops all activities from a deep respect for people, animals and the environment.

We are moving towards circular economy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, reuse and recycling. We feel very committed to the territory and, specifically, to the privileged environment from where we work: the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa.

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