Our origin and the gastronomic culture of our surroundings inspired us to create the La Fageda line of traditional desserts, a sweet ending that turns any lunch or dinner into a very special meal.

We prepare our desserts following traditional recipes, with top quality ingredients and with fresh milk from our cows as the main raw material. Wherever you choose to enjoy them, their texture and flavour will always make you feel at home!

Desserts with many possibilities
La Fageda crèmes are inspired by traditional recipes. The first scoop will transport you to your grandparents' kitchen and make you feel like a kid again for a moment. By making them with high-quality ingredients, we get two different varieties that can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by whipped cream, biscuits or candy crunch. Let your imagination run wild and transform a traditional product into an amazing dessert, on par with today's great gastronomy.

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