What is La Fageda?

A social project with a business structure in La Garrotxa

La Fageda is a social project that has a mission to improve the quality of life and promote the social integration of people in vulnerable circumstances in La Garrotxa, through real and decent work. To achieve this, it uses a powerful business structure that works to create value within the organization and for the rest of society.

Work, an essential element in people's lives

Our activities are based on the idea that work can act as a key element in the rehabilitation processes of any person, as it increases their self-esteem and changes their role within the family and society, from being a passive element to a person who actively contributes to their environment. Our founder, Cristóbal Colón, started from this idea when he decided to create the cooperative, the first of the entities that formed what today is the social project La Fageda.

A model comprised of four non-profit organizations

Our social project is made up of four legal entities, all of them non-profit, which allow the development of different social and business activities.

We carry out social and business activities with a common goal

In La Fageda, business or commercial activities coexist with care activities, managed individually by different entities but all of them together forming a unit, the same social project.

Business activities

Work is a very important tool for reintegration, and the key to La Fageda’s results based on the development of work activities that allow them to compete efficiently in the market. Today, the La Fageda team works in the dairy, ice cream and jam production branches; the gardening and livestock branches and the Visitor Service. This, however, is a living project, and as such evolves adapting to the market in order to continue offering a real and decent job to all its members.

Social activities

La Fageda offers a wide range of social and welfare services and activities aimed at people. They are classified into four areas: the social-labour area, which encompasses business activities and employment integration services; the services to people area, which supports them beyond work; the area of specialized care, and the training area.

The products and services of La Fageda, the engine that allows us to continue working

The gardening service, dairy cattle livestock, the preparation of dairy products, ice creams and jams or the Visitor Service are the business activities that allow the project to continue moving forward.

Entering the consumer market with our products and consolidating the brand has undoubtedly been a step forward that has helped the social project grow. This has made it possible to employ a large number of people in vulnerable circumstances in the La Garrotxa region. These are people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or who are at risk of exclusion.

La Fageda's products

Yoghurt and probiotics, dairy desserts, ice cream and jams. These La Fageda products are made on our Santa Pau estate, in the heart of the Natural Park of the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone. We make the dairy products with fresh milk from our farms and the jams with carefully selected ingredients. We control all production processes under strict quality requirements to offer excellent healthy products. And we are moving towards the future with the clear desire to create new tastes and formats in order to adapt to the day-to-day life of our consumers.

La Fageda's services

In 1983, La Fageda was commissioned to maintain the green areas of the city of Olot: the gardening service was born. Over the years, this service has been expanded and new ones have been incorporated, such as the Employment Integration Service for ordinary companies and the Training in Social Entrepreneurship seminars.

“At La Fageda we are convinced that work is an essential element in people's lives”

Cristóbal Colón

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