Employment Integration Service for ordinary companies

The Employment Integration Service, created in 2007, is a comprehensive service for the guidance and support of the integration of people into the ordinary labour market.

It works in collaboration with the business fabric of the region, reconciling the needs of companies and those of people who are looking for work.

What does the Employment Integration Service do?

  • We orient people and design for them personalized job placement itineraries through a competency assessment.
  • We train basic, transversal and technical skills.
  • We offer a real working environment in which the person develops their work skills, as a preliminary step to hiring in a company.
  • We support people and companies, using the methodology of Working with Support throughout the integration process, the adaptation to the workplace and subsequent monitoring.
  • We work in a network with key actors and entities in the territory.
Other La Fageda services
Gardening service
The Gardening Service is the oldest business activity in the project. It was created in 1983, when we obtained our first contract with the Municipality of Olot to look after the green areas of the city. Currently, we work both in the public spaces of several municipalities in La Garrotxa and in the farms of companies and individuals.
Training for people interested in social entrepreneurship
We offer training days for people and entities interested in social entrepreneurship. For one day, they can get to know our social-business project in depth and share experiences and knowledge with the founder and various members of La Fageda's management.

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